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Looking for software solutions for your operator interface devices? Upgrade your operator interface device software to the innovative FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition. FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition by Rockwell Automation provides a powerful software solution for machine-level operator interface devices. FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition forms an essential part of Rockwell Automation’s visualisation solution, by providing graphics of superior quality, excellent run-time user management capabilities, effective language switching and faster commissioning time. This is achieved through the common development environment of the software.

FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition can be used across various platforms, providing consistent visualisation every time, including solutions for PanelView™ Plus and Windows desktop.

Let the team from 4Sight OT install or upgrade your current operator interface software and system to a state-of-the-art system that will increase performance and improve efficiency on machine-level operations. 4Sight OT is a recognised system integrator for Rockwell Automation in South Africa, a leader in the field of automation and control system solutions.

The Benefits of FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition


Design time effectiveness: The FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition offers easy design capabilities to make design time more effective. This is achieved by the full featured graphics editor with its powerful editing tools, drawing objects, pre-configured operator devices, and animation capabilities. Only define tags and graphic displays once and reference them throughout the application thereafter. The ability to access tag information in the controller will help to maximise productivity.


Reduce commissioning time: This software solution includes a simplified installation process, with reusable global objects. Other features to reduce commissioning time include search and replace capabilities of tags, cross reference capabilities, multiple language implementations and more.


Expand machine flexibility and capability: The installation of FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition will expand the flexibility and capability of your machine, by logging data for trend analysis, recipe management abilities, the ability to manage user and groups while application is running, providing access to run-time terminal information and more.


Support regulated industry application: Onboard audit trail for applications requiring regulatory compliance such as US 21CFR Part 11 or EU Annex 11.

FactoryTalk® View Machine Edition by Rockwell Automation will offer excellent integration between your automation system and operator interface, to improve overall efficiency and performance of your complete system.

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